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About APIs

APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) are responsible for the pharmaceutical effect of formulated pharmaceuticals (medicines). They are produced using highly technological industrial processes, both during the R&D and commercial production phases.

A Global Business

The API market is increasingly a global business integrated in the supply chain of pharmaceuticals, in which APIs constitute the most important components in terms of clinical efficacy and value.

The API market’s outlook is positive

With a healthy growth rate for the next years foreseen at:


In the generic sector


In the custom sector

The growing trend towards new high tech therapeutics coupled with the emergence of novel and innovative delivery systems and the evolution of personalized medicines will only serve to further emphasise the growing demand for advanced APIs.


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Market Demand Distribution

The demand for active pharmaceutical ingredients in Western Europe is concentrated mainly in the United Kingdom and Germany,
essentially in relation to the higher proportion of sales of generics drugs in these countries.


North America




Western Europe


Rest of the World

Current main trends

Clients are demanding more quality and more reliability from their API sources to avoid public health risks.

The trend towards outsourcing by big pharmaceutical multinationals is expected to continue growing, which will result in an increased demand for quality APIs

Companies are increasing their size to face global competition. Mergers and acquisitions are taking place in order to pursue global projects.

There is a growing investment in R&D for API production processes, as well in quality, environment and safety, resulting in better, safer and cleaner technologies and substantial increase of pharmaceutical technology know-how and intellectual property.

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