The European Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Committee (APIC) has chosen Barcelona to hold its Executive Committee and Quality and Regulatory Committees in Barcelona with the collaboration and sponsorship of AFAQUIM during September 21st-23rd.

APIC represents API producers and intermediate APIs in Europe and is a CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council sector group.

APIC’s focus is on global quality, good manufacturing practices (GMP) and regulatory issues related to APIs and intermediate products. Over the years, APIC has grown into a high-profile industry association with an excellent global reputation.

During these days, experts from the API industry from all over Europe and other countries have met in Barcelona to discuss issues related to the quality of APIs and global regulatory issues affecting the sector with the collaboration of AFAQUIM that has also sponsored the meetings.

APIC celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Its membership is made up of companies from different sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, all involved in the manufacture of APIs.

This provides an ideal basis for developing and communicating a balanced and holistic view of regulations and guidelines related to APIs.

APIC has played and continues to play an important role in improving the regulatory environment for the API manufacturing industry, increasing patient safety and benefiting society as a whole.

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