• SUANFARMA will now streamline distribution to Medisca’s supply of Thyroid Powder, USP to other channels and markets.
  • Medisca remains the leading supplier of Thyroid Powder, USP to compounding pharmacies. Available for purchase online here.

MONTREAL, Q.C. (May 26, 2022) – On March 16, 2022, SUANFARMA, European-based manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical ingredients, entered into an exclusive agreement with Medisca, a global supplier of pharmaceutical ingredients and equipment, for the distribution of Medisca’s supply of Thyroid Powder, USP, made possible by Medisca’s exclusive and robust partnership with Thyroid manufacturer, Sichuan Deebio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Deebio).

“The quality standards set, transparency created, and commitment established between Medisca and Deebio, is what gave us the confidence in choosing Medisca as our primary supplier of Thyroid Powder, USP,” said Gustavo Adolfo Porras, Head of Sales, North America at SUANFARMA.

As an existent partner and supplier of ingredients to Medisca, for SUANFARMA, this agreement involved reinforcing a well-established symbiotic relationship between two companies committed to world-class quality, service, and price.

 “After going to market, we immediately realized the demand for Thyroid Powder extended outside our direct distribution to compounding pharmacies,” said Panagiota Danopoulos, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy & Innovation at Medisca. “And we had the capacity to upscale supply to make this critical ingredient accessible to various markets, channels, and patients across the globe. A need we will now meet through our partnership with SUANFARMA.”

 This agreement has the mission to drive forward worldwide access to qualified products through strategic partnerships aligned to the same standards of quality, consistency, and affordability.


Silvia Martín de Cáceres

Head of Marketing & Communications


 T + 34 91 344 68 90

C / Einstein, 8

28108, Alcobendas – Madrid – Spain


SUANFARMA founded in 1993, is a B2B life science partner specialized in the development, production, and commercialization of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and nutraceutical industries.

All facilities comply with the highest existing regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. With the support of a consolidated and strong commercial network with 12 local offices placed strategically around the world, SUANFARMA provides its services to more than 3.000 active customers in over 70 countries. More information: www.suanfarma.com


MEDISCA is a global leader in healthcare with well-established footings in pharmaceutical compounding and advancements in scientific labs, cosmetics, other healthcare industries.  For 30+ years, MEDISCA has been serving pharmacies and allied healthcare institutions with cutting-edge offerings and passionate commitment, developing a worldwide network dedicated to personalized medicine.  Through genuine relationships, worry-free experiences, convenient processes, and strategic global partnerships, MEDISCA provides top-quality and innovative products, industry-leading services, and world-class support systems.  For more information visit http://www.medisca.com and follow us on Twitter at @medisca.

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