We encourage all those interested in the debate on the sustainability of medicine markets, shortages and security of supply and intellectual property reforms to join us together with Aeseg and us in Sitges (Barcelona) next 29 June – 1 July 2022, during the 27th Annual Conference of Medicines For Europe. This year, we will discuss the progress made in Europe following the pandemic. We will address the effect of the amendment of European pharmaceutical legislation on the patent-finalized medicines sector by focusing on issues such as the sustainability of medicines markets, shortages and security of supply, market opportunities for generic, biosimilar and value-added medicines (VAM) medicines and intellectual property legislative reforms.

What risks and opportunities will change in European intellectual property regulations pose for product launches?

• How will health systems cope with the treatment of thousands of patients who were not treated during Covid-19 and what impact will it have on the demand for generic, biosimilar and value-added medicines (VAMs)?

• How can generic and biosimilar medicines bridge the gap in access between rich and less wealthy countries in Europe?

• What policies can boost value-added medicines (VAM) to meet unmet health needs?

• What policies really work to provide better access and markets for more sustainable biosimilar medicines? And which ones don’t?

• How does the EU intend to alleviate the shortage of medicines?

• What European policies will strengthen the resilience of manufacturing and the supply chain?

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To register, click aquí. Press representatives are exempt from the conference fee.

You can book your accommodation benefiting from the Medicines for Europe price provided for the event aquí.

See you in Sitges!

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