Feique, Foro Química y Sociedad and the educational channel Unicoos, created by the professor, Youtuber and scientific disseminator David Calle, have published the twentieth video of the collection #UniQoos with Chemistry: From microorganisms to antibiotics this time, related to Sustainable Development Goal 3: Health and Well-being.

In this second video of the third season, David Calle travels to the fermentation and sterilization plant of the chemical company ERCROS in Aranjuez (Madrid) to explain how antibiotics are obtained from the fermentation of microorganisms.

In From microorganisms to antibiotics a meticulous tour is made in which different curiosities of the process are shown: how the best strains are chosen, how bacteria are fed to grow, what they eat or how antibiotics are sterilized to ensure that they are 100% safe for people. All this, with a lot of chemistry.

Since its premiere in 2019, #UniQoos with Química has accumulated more than 17 million impressions in social networks in the different profiles through which it is disseminated through Unicoos, Feique and Foro Química y Sociedad (Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook) and adds almost half a million direct views through the Unicoos channel in Youtube, where more than twenty episodes have premiered.

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