AFAQUIM has been present in this edition visiting the trade fair and the congress both days and attending its inauguration. Two member companies of AFAQUIM have actively participated offering talks at the Congress on October 6th. Lucas Sigman, CEO of Insudpharma (Chemo) offered the presentation “Innovation in generic medicines” and Helena Camps, R&D Manager of Moehs Ibérica led the presentation “High containment Kilolabo plant: from preliminay design to final production stage”.

Yesterday was the second day of Farmaforum, Forum of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Biopharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Laboratory Technology that served as the closing for the eighth edition of the event.

During the day yesterday it was possible to enjoy a whole cycle of conferences and workshops that, under the umbrella of the edition of Farmaforum, Nutraforum, Cannabisforum, Cosmeticaforum, Labforum, Biotechforum and Life & Research Forum, have dealt with topics such as innovation in generics, the carbon footprint, medical cannabis products and the development of medicines based on cannabioids, wellbeing, clean rooms and a host of topics related to the health, pharmacological and cosmetics.

“The success of the vaccines has been proportional to the investment made”

One of the most anticipated events of the day was the Health &Research Forum Conference, mRNA Vaccines. New challenges and opportunities, where Dr. Juan Martínez commented that “the success of vaccines has been proportional to the investment made”.

In fact, he also explained that in terms of profitability everything that has been invested in research with messenger RNA in these vaccines has been a high amount but that, in any case, it was an amount lower than the investment in pharmaceutical spending that should have been made in the case of treating covid cases with conventional drugs. In addition, he insisted that in this specific case, the social cost in lives and patients with sequelae would have been even greater than the disbursement in economic terms so that the investment can be considered profitable.

In short, the table affirmed that the whole situation experienced has meant great advances so that messenger RNA technology and other conventional processes of research and production of vaccines can coexist in the future with more than optimistic results.

Likewise, in the same forum, there was talk of rare diseases and how new therapeutic innovations could facilitate their treatments.

He explained in the conclusions that it is necessary to look for strategies that are affordable for diseases such as ALS, even testing if there is effectiveness with other drugs that serve in other treatments to advance in that first phase of development.

Brokerage Event: an increasingly important event in the sector

During yesterday, in addition, one of the most relevant events of these days of Farmaforum was held in Hall 14 of Ifema, in parallel to the workshops and conferences: the Brokerage Event together with Madri+d Foundation for knowledge that has managed to close dozens of appointments and meetings in which the main agents involved in the health sector have been able to seek synergies to develop new bases of collaboration in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology and sectors related to health research.

“We are more than satisfied with the result of this eighth Farmaforum event in Madrid. To the growing number of exhibitors is added the interest aroused that has brought more than 7,000 professionals to learn not only the innovations of the main companies in the sector but to listen to experts talk about a multitude of issues related to health, cosmetics, laboratory and, in short, about an industry that is booming as was evident in previous years as well” comment organizers.

Farmaforum Awards Ceremony: Grupo Alter wins the Farmaforum Extraordinary Award

In addition, it has proceeded to the closing with the delivery of Farmaforum awards, sponsored by the Francisco de Vitoria University, which, with a total of 817 participations, this year have fallen on:

Award for entrepreneurship, for support to companies in the Biopharmaceutical and cosmetic sector:


Silvia is a Senior Technician in the Ministry of Science and Innovation with a great experience in the pharmaceutical sector and has developed sharing through whatsapp groups to professionals in the sector by Areas of knowledge that interact in a totally disinterested way, clarifying doubts that arise in a sector as highly regulated as Biopharmacy. She manages these groups in a perfect way, with more than 500 professionals benefiting from this initiative.

Pharmaceutical Laboratory Award, best management in sustainability and energy efficiency


Wins the award thanks to its sustainability policy, in which Rovi has achieved carbon neutrality in 2021, for the second consecutive year.

Best association in the biopharmaceutical field


Best service company for the Biopharmaceutical industry, award sponsored by Farmaespaña Industrial


It is a company specialized in process installations.

Extraordinary Farmaforum Award


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