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We are a leading skin health-focused global pharmaceutical company that partners with healthcare professionals, applying Science to provide medical solutions to patients & future generations.

Almirall covers the whole of the drug value chain to deliver a diverse and dynamic portfolio of branded products, made up of proprietary R&D and licensed pharmaceuticals. We are therefore able to reinvest in innovation to complete the virtuous circle that drives the company’s business.

From the moment of identifying a medical need not yet covered in our therapeutic areas of interest, up to the launch of a product, there is a long and difficult path that Almirall covers through its talented scientists, the advanced technology of its facilities and with the agreement synergies and alliances pursuing the challenge of bringing valuable medicines to society.

Research has been part of Almirall’s DNA for over 40 years, as reflected by our commitment to the development of new drugs that will help treat illnesses in the future.

Almirall’s R&D is now focused on the development of a portfolio of dermatological products with an international structure and through reformulation projects of existing dermatological products, the repositioning of drugs available on the market for other indications and the design of new chemical entities for oral and topical use.

Almirall also has industrial plants (2 pharmaceutical and 2 chemicals plants), which supply any active ingredients needed for toxicological, pre-clinical and clinical studies and produce 56 million units of finished products per year.

Almirall’s product portfolio is marketed through 13 affiliates operating in 21 countries in Europe and the USA, and through agreements with strategic partners in over 70 countries on the 5 continents.

Substance listing

Name Cas RN
Aceclofenac 89796-99-6
Aclidinio 320345-99-1
Cinitaprida hidrógeno tartrato 66564-14-5
Cleboprida hidrogeno malato 57645-91-7
Ebastina 90729-43-4
Furosemida 54-31-9
Piketoprofeno 60576-13-8
Piketoprofeno hidrocloruro 59512-37-7