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Medichem S.A. is an independently-owned Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs) developer and manufacturer. Based in Barcelona (Spain), active in Malta and China delivering medicines to over 60 markets across the world -including the U.S. and EU- Medichem is a fully-integrated pharmaceutical company with a unique portfolio of non-infringing APIs and FDFs.

Medichem manufacturing plants for APIs are located in Spain and Malta with capacity to develop and produce Highly Potent APIs (HPAPIs). Medichem manufacturing capabilities for solid oral forms are located in Malta. All Medichem´s European manufacturing sites are FDA inspected. The Maltese plants also offer contract services for third parties in search of a patent-friendly environment. Additionally our premises in China are fully equipped for the synthesis of intermediates and APIs.

Each and every achievement along the past four decades comes from our highly committed and talented stall, 20% of which work in R&D. Medichem´s specialized team includes more than 4000 professionals, 39 years old as average, 53% of them university graduates, 100% devoted to excellence.

Substance listing

Name Cas RN
Adapaleno 106685-40-9
Alendronato Sódico 121268-17-5
Amoxapina 14028-44-5
Asenapina Maleato 85650-56-2
Brimonidina Tartrato 79570-19-7
Captopril 62571-86-2
Ciclobenzaprina Clorhidrato 6202-23-9
Clorhexidina 55-56-1
Clorhexidina Diacetato 206986-79-0
Clorhexidina Diclorhidrato 3697-42-5
Clozapina 5786-21-0
Desvenlafaxina Base 93413-62-8
Enalapril Maleato 76095-16-4
Etidronato Disódico 7414-83-7
Felodipina 86189-69-7
Fluvoxamina Maleato 61718-82-9
Gabapentina 60142-96-3
Glimepirida 93479-97-1
Gluconato de Clorhexidina Solución al 20% 18472-51-0
Guanabenzo Acetato 23256-50-0
Guanfacina Clorhidrato 29110-48-3
Lamotrigina 84057-84-1
Levobunolol Clorhidrato 27912-14-7
Loxapina 1977-10-2
Loxapina Clorhidrato 54810-23-0
Loxapina Succinato 27883-64-3
Metisoprinol (Inosina Pranobex) 36703-88-5
Metoprolol Succinato 98418-47-4
Mexiletina Clorhidrato 31828-71-4
Mirtazapina 61337-67-5
Nepafenaco 78281-72-8
Olopatadina Clorhidrato 140462-76-6
Paroxetina Clorhidrato 78246-49-8
Quetiapina Hemifumarato 111974-72-2
Risperidona (Estéril) 106266-06-2
Solifenacina Succinato 242478-38-2
Sunitinib Malato 341031-54-7
Tamsulosina Clorhidrato 106463-17-6
Venlafaxina Clorhidrato 99300-78-4
Voriconazol 137234-62-9
Zaleplón 151319-34-5