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With its quality-based philosophy, Inke has established and developed stable collaborations with the main companies of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, the US, Korea and Japan.

Together with the development and manufacture of active substances, Inke has become an essential supplier to meet the technical and regulatory needs of its customers during the development and commercialisation of its medicinal products.

The implementation of the product line for use in respiratory therapies has positioned it as a key supplier of a product family with specific safety, quality and efficacy requirements for each customer.

Inke has a Quality System implemented according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and certified according to the standard ISO 9001 (ISO 9001 certificate).

Inke has implemented a health, safety and environmental management system in accordance with the provisions of the national and European regulations. The environmental management system has been certified in accordance with the standard ISO 14001 (ISO 14001 certificate).

The facilities have been inspected and approved by the Spanish regulatory authorities, the US FDA as well as by the regulatory authorities of Korea and Japan.

The company provides the adequate resources to ensure the fulfillment of our Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety policies.

Substance listing

Name Cas RN
Abediterol 915133-65-2
Aclidinio 320345-99-1
Apixabán 503612-47-3
Aprepitant 170729-80-3
Arformoterol Tartrato 200815-49-2
Asenapina Maleato 85650-56-2
Batefenterol 743461-65-6
Brivaracetam 357336-20-0
Carvedilol 72956-09-3
Cinacalcet 226256-56-0
Clevidipina 166432-28-6
Clometiazol 533-45-9
Crisaborole 906673-24-3
Desloratadina 100643-71-8
Dronedarona 141626-36-0
Eletriptán Bromhidrato 177834-92-3
Enalapril Maleato 76095-16-4
Fluconazol 86386-73-4
Formoterol 73573-87-2
Glicopirrolato Bromuro 596-51-0
Granisetrón 109889-09-0
Granisetrón Clorhidrato 107007-99-8
Iloperidona 133454-47-4
Imidafenacin 170105-16-5
Imidapril 89371-37-9
Indacaterol 312753-06-3
Loratadina 79794-75-5
Luliconazole 187164-19-8
Montelukast Sódico 151767-02-1
Nitrendipino 39562-70-4
Olanzapina 132539-06-1
Olanzapina Pamoato 221373-18-8
Olmesartán Medoxomilo 144689-63-4
Olodaterol 868049-49-4
Ondansetrón Base 116002-70-1
Ondansetrón Clorhidrato 103639-04-9
Prasugrel Base 150322-43-3
Prasugrel Clorhidrato 389574-19-0
Quetiapina Hemifumarato 111974-72-2
Revefenacin 864750-70-9
Risperidona (Estéril) 106266-06-2
Rivaroxabán 366789-02-8
Rizatriptán Benzoato 145202-66-0
Roflumilast 162401-32-3
Salmeterol Xinafoato 94749-08-3
Telmisartan 144701-48-4
Tetrabenazina 58-46-8
Tiotropio Bromuro 136310-93-5
Tolvaptán 150683-30-0
Umeclidinio 869185-19-3
Vilanterol Trifenatato 503070-58-4
Zolmitriptán 139264-17-8