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08038 Barcelona (Spain)
T. +34 93 446 60 00



We at Esteve Química are committed to the Health Care Industry by supporting the development and commercialization of products that contribute to the better wellbeing of people.

Our company was founded in 1966 within one of the largest Pharmaceutical Groups in Spain (ESTEVE). Ever since the beginning, we were able to implement an API manufacturing concept that gathers the best of the chemical and pharmaceutical worlds by using state-of-the-art technologies and installations, such as clean room areas for the last steps of manufacturing.

Esteve Química has 50 years of experience developing, manufacturing and marketing oral and injectable-non-sterile APIs (NCEs and generics) for regulated markets. In addition to our generics business, we currently offer our API’s with a Finished Dosage File by establishing alliances with strategic pharmaceutical manufacturers and partners.

We are currently active in two business areas:
contract manufacturing for third parties (APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates) and generics (not only from the API perspective, but also for FDFs with strategic partners), always focusing on long-term partnerships.

Our products are used in a wide range of applications, from solid oral dosage forms to injectable forms.

We have been exporting APIs to the most highly regulated markets for the last 50 years and we are inspected regularly by the major Health Authorities.

Our development capabilities, deep knowledge, fast adaptation to customers’ requirements and regulations, technical capabilities, strategic geographical location and, particularly, commitment to excellence, allow ensuring optimum service and reliable response whatever the scale of the project.

Substance listing

Name Cas RN
Amlodipina Besilato 111470-99-6
Azelastina 58581-89-8
Bosentán 147536-97-8
Diclofenaco Sódico 15307-79-6
Duloxetina 116539-59-4
Enalapril Maleato 76095-16-4
Esomeprazol Sódico 161796-78-7
Fenilbutazona 50-33-9
Imatinib 152459-95-5
Indometacina 53-86-1
Ketoconazol 65277-42-1
Lansoprazol 103577-45-3
Levetiracetam 102767-28-2
Lisinopril 83915-83-7
Meloxicam 71125-38-7
Memantina 19982-08-2
Metildopa 555-30-6
Metoprolol Fumarato 119637-66-0
Metoprolol Succinato 98418-47-4
Metoprolol Tartrato 56392-17-7
Montelukast Sódico 151767-02-1
Nabumetona 42924-53-8
Naproxeno 22204-53-1
Omeprazol 73590-58-6
Omeprazol Magnésico 95382-33-5
Pantoprazol 10262-57-0
Piroxicam 36322-90-4
Pregabalina 148553-50-8
Riluzol 1744-22-5
Telmisartan 144701-48-4
Tenoxicam 59804-37-4