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Pol. Ind. Els Vinyets-Els fogars II.
08777 Sant Quintí de Mediona. Spain
T. 938191399



BCN Peptides is an Industrial Manufacturer of Bioactive Peptides focused on the synthesus of Bulk Generic Peptides and Custom Synthesis of new Peptides Pharmaceutical and Veterinary applications. The company´s mission is to design and manufacture Peptides under strict GMP, to be used as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

BCN Peptides has a vast experience in solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) by either linear os convergent strategies and also offers its capability to find new synthesis processes for any active peptide up to 50 amino acids long. With its new production site located in Sant Quintí de Mediona (Barcelona), BCN Peptides has the tecnology and the facilities to manufacture multi kilo batches os bioactive peptides.

BCN Peptides has an excellent GMP compliance track record: FDA approved, EDQM approved and it holds 6 CEP from European Pharmacopoeia.

Substance listing

Name Cas RN
Alarelin 52435-06-0
Angiotensina I/II (1-7) 51833-78-4
Argipresina 113-79-1
Atosiban 90779-69-4
Buserelina 57982-77-1
Calcitonina de Salmón 47931-85-1
Carbetocina 37025-55-1
Corticotropina (Hormona Adrenocorticotropa=ACTH) 9002-60-2
Desmopresina 16679-58-6
Elcatonina 60731-46-6
Eledoisina 69-25-0
Exenatida 141758-74-9
Fertirelina 38234-21-8
Gonadorelina 335115-09-2
Goserelina 65807-02-5
Icatibant 138614-30-9
Lanreótido 127984-74-1
Lecirelina 61012-19-9
Leuprolida 53714-56-0
Linaclotida 851199-60-5
Lisina Vasopresina 50-57-7
Octreótido 83150-76-9
Pasireotida 396091-73-9
Pentagastrina 5534-95-2
Péptido Intestinal Vasoactivo 40077-57-4
Pramlintida Acetato 196078-30-5
Protirelina 24305-27-9
Secretina Humana Sintética 108153-74-8
Secretina Porcina Sintética 17034-35-4
Somatostatina 38916-34-6
Teriparatida 99294-94-7
Terlipresina 14636-12-5
Tetracosactida 16960-16-0
Timosina Alfa 1 62304-98-7
Timosina Beta 15 184973-08-8
Timosina Beta 4 77591-33-4
Triptorelina 57773-63-4