Barcelona, july 26, 2022

  • The European Commission is considering this new measure in the ‘Saving gas for a safe winter’ package consisting of an alert system that would force Member States to reduce their gas consumption by pre-established percentages, a mechanism that would be activated unilaterally by the Commission or at the request of two Member States.
  • The Government of Spain has already advanced that its position is contrary to the measure and has assured that “whatever happens, Spain will defend the position of the Spanish industry”.
  • AFAQUIM supports the position of our government and urges to maintain the supply of energy to the APIs’ production plants in case of energy restrictions to guarantee the supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, essential in the production of medicines.

AFAQUIM members have more than 30 production plants in Spain and is a European leader in the production and export of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients that are essential in the production of medicines.

Despite the many current problems in the supply chain, considerable progress has been made in recent years in recognizing the importance of the secure supply of critical medicines and policies that promote greater domestic production. Hundreds of pharmaceutical production plants operating in Europe now need special priority in the event of energy shortages, including plants dedicated to manufacture the active ingredients that are essential to ensure the desired therapeutic effect.

The production of APIs, like that of medicines, requires heating and cooling. This demands a continuous supply of energy, be it gas or electricity. These production processes cannot simply be suspended for a few days and resumed. Even a temporary shutdown of production would require a great deal of effort and time for our industry to restore production due to the technical challenges related to temperature control, hygiene and impurity control, and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

The API sector has committed to our government to assess the risks of energy rationing in our country and supports the position adopted so far since as it has stated it is not the most effective proposal, nor the most efficient, nor the fairest. Forcing industrial shutdowns in Spain if not necessary, would aggravate the shortage of essential products throughout Europe and increase the economic impact of the crisis, putting at risk the functioning of the entire value chain of the European economy.

We stress the importance of recognizing pharmaceutical production and its principles as an essential sector in all Member States, as we are the main suppliers of the main ingredient of essential medicines for patients. It is critical that we can work with the authorities to maintain the continued operation of production in the context of possible energy rationing. In this sense, we fully support the claims made these days by the Alliance for the Competitiveness of Spanish Industry, Medicines for Europe and AESEG.

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