AFAQUIM represents Spanish Fine Chemicals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediate product manufacturers 


The Spanish Association of Fine Chemicals Manufacturers (AFAQUIM) gathers and represents producers of Fine Chemical products, especially Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediate product  for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

AFAQUIM is currently composed of 32 associated companies of different nature, size and activity.


Our mission is to work to improve the quality of life of society, providing patients and consumers with effective products, manufactured with the highest standards of quality and safety; as well as to promote the development of our member Companies through the representation, defense and promotion of their economic, social, professional, scientific and technical interests, always following Sustainable Development criteria.


Our vision is to ensure that the Fine Chemical products, especially Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)  industry, the first and necessary link in the pharmaceutical industry, is recognized as one of the strategic sectors for Spain and for Europe.


Our values include the defense of quality in production, respect for the environment, progress in sustainability and contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.



We represent our members in terms of advocacy before organizations of all kinds, private or public, both national and international, defending sector interests.


We strengthen sectoral links with national and international associations, working on industrial strategies, pharmaceuticals, regulations, the harmonization of standards and common initiatives to strengthen national and European industrial structures. We actively participate in FedeQuim and FEIQUE in Spain, or APIC-CEFIC, EFCG and Medicines for Europe in Europe, among other business organisations.


We defend equality and fair play in all international markets before the regulatory authorities, collaborating with them in the preparation and drafting of fair and proportionate laws and standards.


We promote our sector in all the fora that favors its expansion, attracting investments, promoting fair competition, stimulating exports, and access to all markets.


We facilitate networking between our companies through the different Committees of the Association (Strategy, Environment and Quality) and sector meetings.


We work for the improvement of the sector’s image in society, transmitting the fundamental role that our active ingredients have in the manufacture of medicines, with special emphasis on their safety and quality, and on their production under demanding environmental criteria.


We maintain a constant activity for the improvement of sector professionals training that includes the diffusion of courses and sessions interesting to our members as well as our own proposals.


We constantly share information relevant to our members, especially that regarding the preparation and approval of Laws and Standards, publication of Technical Guides, and relevant data for legal requirement compliance specially that demanded to manufacturers of Active Ingredients in general, and in particular, with GMP and GDP compliance.


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Our Members

Meet all the members who are already part of AFAQUIM.

Join Us!

Discover all the advantages of becoming a member of AFAQUIM.

Our Members

Meet all the members who are already part of AFAQUIM.

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