1. Uquifa, S.A.
    UQUIFA is a well established manufacturer of quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and fine chemicals. The original company was founded in 1936, and today employs 490 people in 4 manufacturing sites. The group is headed in Barcelona Spain, with two factories in Spain, one in Italy, and one in Mexico. The four facilities operate to cGMP requirement having approximately 600,000 litres reactor capacity and provide active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced intermediates to more than 500 companies in more than 60 countries around the world.
  2. Urquima, S.A.
    URQUIMA, S.A., the fine chemicals company of URIACH GROUP was established in 1970 to develop and produce URIACH own molecules. The whole Group is very active in R&D and currently there are several proprietary NCEs in the market as a result of our R&D activities. URQUIMA, S.A. is focused in the development and production of generic APIs and is exporting more than 90% of the production to more than 35 countries. Based on a strict compliance of regulatory and quality regulations and being price competitive, URQUIMA, S.A. is building a strong reputation, mainly in the US generic market.