1. Kinsy, S.L.
    KINSY is an independent chemical company, located in Murcia (Spain), having broad expertise in development, scale-up and commercial production of fine chemicals, with a strong focus on development and manufacturing of key pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs under cGMP.
  2. Laboratorios Servier, S.L.
    It manufactures chemical products for Servier Spain and the Group’s other production sites.
  3. Lebsa
    LEBSA is a company founded in 1951 and devoted to the research, development and synthesis of organic chemical products. The ain of LEBSA is the synthesis of new molecules with therapeutic application and the research of new synthesis processes for already known molecules. All the LEBSA products are subjected to a severe control process (G.M.P.) Because of their purity and full correspondence with their specifications they are very well accepted at the Spanish market and exported all over the world.
  4. Medichem, S.A.
    MEDICHEM is a privately owned Spanish company specialized in the manufacture of APIs for the pharmaceutical industry, also offering contract manufacturing services. Our modern multipurpose production site, located in the Northeast of Spain, is regularly inspected by the FDA and operates under cGMP. The latest FDA inspection was conducted in November 2006 and no form 483 was issued for the third consecutive time. MEDICHEM is exporting fifteen different products to the US market and has submitted more than thirty Drug Master Files to the FDA and is strongly committed to provide customers with analytical, regulatory and legal support. MEDICHEM belongs to the same group of companies as Combino Pharm, devoted to the development of generic finished products for the European and US markets
  5. Menadiona Industrial, S.L.
    Established in 1970, Menadiona is an independent, privately owned company dedicated to the manufacture of active ingredients and intermediates for the veterinary, pharmaceutical and nutritional industries since then.
  6. Moehs Ibérica, S.L.
    MOEHS IBERICA, SL is producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Custom Synthesis products since 1.962. Counts with three production sites: MOEHS CATALANA in Rubí (Barcelona) with 350 m3 reaction volume; MOEHS CANTABRA in Polanco (Cantabria) with 150 m3 reaction volume and still have space to extend production facilities; COPRIMA in Polinya (Barcelona) with 50 m3 reaction volume. Three sites produce in compliance with cGMP guidelines, FDA approved and ISO 9001 certificated. Our products are supported by Drug Master Files and submitted to the FDA, TGA and Public Health Authorities in a high number of countries. Where applicable, we also posses Suitability Certificates to the European Pharmacopea Monographs.
  7. Ranke Química, S.L.
    We are an international pharmaceutical company based on innovation and committed to health, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. In Almirall we research, develop, produce and market proprietary R&D medicines and those under licence with the aim of improving people's health and wellbeing.
  8. Sandoz Industrial Products, S.A.
    It is the center of competence for the manufacture of six semi-synthetic penicillins (e.g. amoxicillin) using a differentiated technology without chlorinated solvents and modern macrolides (e.g. roxithromycin).