Afaquim. Asociación Fabricantes de Química Farmacéutica

Address: C/ Marquès de Sentmenat, 54-58, 4ª planta 08029 Barcelona, España
Phone: +34 93 485 20 86


AFAQUIM, Manufacturers' Association of Pharmaceutical Chemistry groups and represents the set of manufacturing plants of Active Principles and Intermediate Pharmacists (API), of which 30 companies belong to AFAQUIM. This sector has a turnover near 1.500 million Euros and an export of about 1.000 million Euros.

In spite of the world competition in prices, specially of the developing countries, the sector has answered with quality and service and supports a constant line of growth superior to five per cent per year. Spain is the third European country in importance in the production of pharmaceutical raw materials, very over his industrial position in the set of nations.

The main successes achieved by AFAQUIM in these years, in his labor of defense of the interests of the sector and acting directly or across the groups in which it takes part, they have been: