Managerial aspects:

To promote necessary actions to return its value to the Fine Chemical - Pharmacist inside the Society, due to the fundamental contribution of the Chemistry and his products, the life expectancy has doubled in the last 10 years.

Commercial aspects:

To promote actions across the Department of Economy and of the Ministry of Health to avoid the barriers " administrative officers and / or technologies " that establish certain countries, overcoat Asians, to stop the import of active pharmaceutical principles.

To promote actions across the Ministry of Health and the A.P.I.C. in order to create the inspectors' department for the control of the fulfillment of the G.M.P. of all the pharmaceutical products that are consumed in the EU.

Technical aspects:

  1. Industrial Security:
    To collaborate with FEIQUE, depending on AFAQUIM's observations, regarding the offer of modification of the Board 96/82/CE (Seveso II).
    Follow-up across FEDEQUIM of the Guide of Analysis of the Industrial Municipal Risk (Catalonia).
    Collaboration with FEIQUE about the New Basic Directive on the Chemical Risk.
  2. Guardianship of Product:
    To collaborate with FEIQUE and FEDEQUIM in called " New Politics of Management of Chemical Products " (reach) since it is possible that our companies should do his own tests for the uses that are not contemplated by the supplier or to facilitate the information needed of those intermediate products that we make at our industries for the ”users along the production line " (our personnel of production)
  3. Better Available Technologies:
    Collaboration across FEIQUE and of the Environmental Department with the commission entrusted to elaborate the BREFs for the sector OFC.
    The complexity of our sector (wide variety of processes and products) forces us to continue closely the way are elaborated the BREF OFC that can force us to modify some of our procedures of work with a possible repercussion in the procedures of manufacture that we have registered in the shape of DMFs or certificates of conformity.

Organ of government: Board of Directors

Chair: M ª Luisa Espinós (LEBSA.)

Vice-president: José Antonio Roldán (MOEHS IBÉRICA, S.A.)

Secretary: Jaume Cubells (BIOQUIM, S.A.)

Treasurer: Mark Robbins (UQUIFA, S.A.)

Member: Joan Amor (DUKE CHEM, S.A.)

Member: Francesc Xavier Camps (INTERQUIM, S.A.)

Member: Gisele Butelman (FARMHISPANIA, S.A.)

Member: Mª Carmen Cruzado (ERCROS S.A.)

Member: Ana Pilar González (BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, S.A.)

Member: Alejo Torres (URQUIMA, S.A.)

General Manager: Mila Jové